Our services

Our firm provides legal assistance in the following areas:

  • civil law (and housing law, including cases of compensation for property and personal damage; failure to enforce or the inadequate enforcement of contracts; cases for compensation; protection of personal possessions; establishing a property's legal status; issues related to deeds of title and mortgages; cases of establishing property ownership, joint ownership, cases of prescription, the establishment of easements, donations, contracts);

  • business law, bankruptcy and reorganisation (including the creation and transformation of companies, drafting agreements, conducting negotiations, ongoing legal services for subjects conducting economic activity);

  • law defending the consumer and the right to competition;

  • family law (including matters of divorce and separation, alimony, the determination of parental authority, division of property, adoption, paternity);

  • inheritance law (including inheritance statement, division of an estate, claims on the legitimate portion);

  • insurance law (social security and property insurance);

  • administrative law (including appeals against decisions and orders by public authorities, and representation before administrative authorities, Local Government Appeals Board and administrative courts);

  • procurement law (including drawing up legal opinions on public procurement law; preparation of tender documents; assistance in preparing bids in proceedings for public procurement; preparation of appeals and complaints, and representation before the National Boards of Appeal and the Court; preparing to conduct accessions; responses to appeals, oppositions and other pleadings in appeal and accusatorial procedures);

  • medical law (including full legal service for entities in the health sector, the case for compensation for hospital infections and medical malpractice, matters relating to patient rights, labour cases for health care workers);

  • construction law (including analysis of the legal status of real estate, legal advice on obtaining licenses, permits and decisions in administrative proceedings, preparation of contracts for public works, handling real estate registration);

  • environmental law (including investment analysis in terms of the requirements of environmental legislation; legal advice on obtaining licenses, permits and decisions in administrative proceedings; environmental audits);

  • banking law (including negotiating the terms of contracts and amendments: credit, loans, warranties, guarantees, legal cases, cases relating to banking enforcement);

  • labour and social security (including labour relation on wages, returning to work, bullying, representation of employees and employers, social security issues for pensions, benefits, employment contracts and managerial contracts, collective agreements and working regulations);

  • copyright and related rights;

  • bills of exchange;